Our Products

As a supplier of textile process chemicals, Suntex International LLC manufactures a complete line of textile specialty finishing products for piece goods fabric preparation and also for garment dyeing and washing processes. Suntex International LLC is recognized to have the most modern and effective desize and scouring system to effectively remove fabric residuals to < 0.3%. The benefits of our products result in an overall reduction in the cost of producing a first quality fabric.

Other than the USA market, Suntex International LLC currently supplies its products on a worldwide basis with emphasis in Asia and South America. Suntex International LLC customers enjoy the highest quality products at very competitive prices.

  • Textile Industry

    Our Textile product line consists of specialty Scours, Detergents, Levelling Agents, Sequestrants, Softeners, Indigo Re-deposition Control, Anti Oxidizing Agents, Water Repellants, etc.
    Suntex International also offers a wide variety of Sizing products applicable to different uses like Cotton, Synthetic and blended yarns. In addition to these, we also offer products for Printing such as Binders, thickeners and Screen print adhesives. Finally, we can also offer Enzymes and De-foamers in order to get steady operations for the best quality finished garments.
  • Paper Industry

    We also offer a complete line of specialty products for the re-cycle paper industry. Our product line includes the well known No Tac 8000 which is a unique technology product for controlling "stickies" and wax deposits in re-cycle paper processing.
    Within our product range we also offer anti scalant products, Boil-out chemicals, Wire and Felt cleaners, Re-pulping products, enzymes, sizing and others specially made for steady operations.
  • Sugar Industry

    In the Sugar Industry, Our company commercialises enzymes like Dextranase and Amylaze, capable of reducing viscosity of Sugar solutions in the different stages of Sugar manufacture. Sugar mills in rural areas, can be much affected by dextrane formation and hence, the risk of undesired plant shut downs or slow operation yields.
    Suntex International can also offer flocculants, that can be added at different stages in order to guarantee a steady manufacture and purity of finished products. These flocculants can be added in the Juice or in Syrup, depending on the manufacturer needs.